rant rant…RANT! in an update…

This post was supposed to be about housing issues, but is now being hijacked by my ranting about the thoughtlessness of people, specifically my financial onslaught! I’ve just got back from being seen over an hour late in the Citizens Advise Bureau, by the most unhelpful woman who herself is going through a bankruptcy so should understand that her recommendation’s that i should call every creditor i owe monies to, to confirm a freeze on the account, exact amounts owed and account number/owner details is beyond my capability, as I’m living off now £5 a week for food expenses! D have no monies to pay for a phone bill I’d run up and would further add to my debts! Oh and I have to rack up a nice £90 to actually wipe my debts out of thin air! ………….I was sitting there thinking; are you a moron? are you dumb? you can see i have no money, how are you thinking i could possibly do this? I’m here for help and YOUR NOT HELPING! She didn’t even offer to let me use their phone in the CAB! Oh and I still have to pay for all the stamps to send these letters out to all these creditors to freeze my accounts and let them know I am seeking a debt relief order/bankruptcy…depending on how fast their charges go up whilst i get this all sorted out!

All those dinners in Strada, Zizzi and clothes that now don’t fit from H&M were really not worth all this stress over the years!

But what the hell is wrong with people and their inability to think? i mean before you open your mouth and tell me about the wonderful dinner you just ate, think about how I’ve been living off potatoes with butter and cheese, pasta with cheese and packet noodles with stock cubes and council juice (yes that’s un-purified tap water!) My belly is grumbling right now, and my mouth is craving some vegetables in gravy with chicken….

i wonder if mother dearest even wonders what I’m going through the selfish narcissistic cow! Her and her “oh i need 2 weeks to contemplate whether I want to mediate with my daughter about my grand-daughters needs!” The woman is up to something i can feel it in my bones! We have the long overdue Child In Need Meeting coming up next week with all the professionals involved in our case… i wonder if mother dearest will be using this to stir a reaction out of me in regards to court? I’m sure the meeting will come back to her and her selfish needs once again instead of my daughters! Lord help me I’m going to have to keep so much composure whilst hitting them with how productive I’ve been of late in sorting my finances, volunteering in my daughters school (once the CRB comes back!) my campaigns with the NSPCC, and other life changing possible career moves, that really can’t go ahead until my daughter is home with me! Here i am justifying my life away when in actual fact she should be the one justifying how she isn’t abusing her grand-child/ children… i will  have to make that a point in the meeting *jots a note into book for that meeting*

Oh and the school trip was a huge success and gave me so much insight into my daughters and my sisters school life, their personality’s and the intrigue from the other children as to why my daughter lives with her nanny and not me (of which i was quizzed by a 4 yr old whose mother promptly distracted her off with a compassionate look at me!) my sisters expression of how unfair it was that she was unable to come with my daughter to my house for visits/trips is clearly affecting their relationship, and will soon start proving to be a problem for mother dearest if she doesn’t sort her stinky attitude out!

I’m fed up with reading in the media how all of a sudden Government has pledge 200M for social services over 2010/2011, how much of that actually will make a difference in my case where the case social worker now has her trainee social worker sending confidential mail meant for me but addressed to my father at my address?! One blunder follows the next… and I’m still waiting for my written apology/explanation as to why they ever listened to my mother and overrode the court order that was made against my daughters father in relation to his domestic abuse to us both! Oh my social services have so much to answer for, yet the way they are going about things i will be hanging them slowly by their own incompetent rope!

Ok rant over… i feel better now, suppose i should start finding ways around these call costs to get my insolvency sorted out asap.. off i go! X

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