Teenage surging scrums screaming & lack of scruples over fashion?

American Apparel Rummage Sale in London 02-04-10 WHAT A  FLOP!

But WHY?…. I’ll gladly tell you;

Firstly what sane company that’s held rummage sales all over the world decides after setting a 22,000 sq ft warehouse on Brick Lane in London, and plugging it on Facebook to get 28,623 confirmed attending guests; doesn’t set up guard rails round at least 2 corners of the block? ON A BANK HOLIDAY!? Brainless? YES…

Then out of those 28,623 confirmed attending guests on Facebook how many of those were under 16? Oh I’ll tell you; the majority that turned up today (Friday) they looked about 15, and made me feel as if i was a dinosaur! But what was more disturbing was when at 10 am they did open that tiny black door of 81 Brick Lane and let the first 60 people in (EPIC FAIL!) those under 18’s went storming ahead creating scrums like we were actually in a school corridor reliving out secondary school years! I’m 23 and was thoroughly disgusted by these clearly middle class teenagers and their awful surging scrums screaming and lack of scruples! Donned in the apparel leggings oversized shirts and plimsoles with buns on their heads resembling nothing more than a dog plop from my daughters “who done it” story book!

My veins chilled and all i could think was should one of those girls have been my daughter;

  • Theirs no way she’d be at a rummage sale with her girlfriends under 16 in Brick Lane- id be escorting obviously!
  • If she was mature enough to go to a rummage sale unescorted id hope that my parenting would have told her not to behave like the rest of the hysterical clearly deprived of shopping experiences brats that surrounded her!
  • How my parents would have clapped me in the head for behaving as I saw today
  • My grandparents would have made me feel so small I’d burn every piece of my apparel clothing!

What on earth has happened to the youth of today?  look at this video;

Clearly something is wrong with the youth of today if even the ones savvy enough to get on Facebook can then get to brick lane and be so frustrated that they didn’t even get into buy some discounted American Apparel clothing!

However after watching Eastenders last night and seeing the whole Jack-Billie Police being the best gang talk (which almost convinced me to join the met!) I was so horribly appalled by the 2 police women who decided to assert their hormones to my friends and I whom were standing with about 4 other people pontificating our next move..drinks or food… to be told to “move now or we will push you!” has London Met gone power mad? Or did it just so happen that these two police women were suffering from PMT on a bank holiday they’d rather not be working (even though their getting double pay!) and decided after training in some rural village to move to London join the Met for better pay and try to experience city life at its rawest! (yea because the American Apparel Rummage was so overly raw! LOL) I was thoroughly disappointed in them and thought thank god I don’t pay national insurance!

A thorough shame to the force.. No wonder London children/teens have had enough, nowhere to safe socialize, no decent clean parks to play in, not enough free easily accessible physical activity’s to par take in and parents who clearly don’t have a clue on how to guide or nurture them if even the middle class ones managed to start today’s scrum!

Wow that leaves me feeling so hopeful about raising my daughter, and watching her experience the joy’s London brings (are you detecting my sarcasm?!) ooof government have a lot to answer for because yes they are ‘part’ responsible for all the children/teens running about ready to wreak havoc at the slightest frustration or opportunity!

I cant find any positive outcomes from today, I hope this is reflected in my writing here; I AM DUMBFOUNDED!