Baby P & Panorama outlook

This program i’ve long awaited… i always have high expectations of panorama and then i forget that its there just to document what happened in this terrible case.

The first thing that screams shady is baby p’s mum’s behaviour in that recorded interview, im no body language expert but the crossed arms and head movements, vocabulary… you’d have to be deaf and dumb to not realise something was wrong with this state unfit to be called a woman let alone a mother!

There is clearly a lot wrong with the social workers intuition, let alone the training that they would have gone through in order to be working with such vulnerable cases! A lot of fingers have to be pointed at the agency’s and government monitoring these government funded services, set up to protect children, the baby p case like mine is proof of failed outdated training education and guidelines consistently seeing children abused, and with finding to social services set to be cut by 20%  Head of childrens services MP Tim Loughton has a lot to answer for, especially when its social work training procedures that are likely to be cut, so Loughborough and their research is all to little too late, 5 years of research will take another 5 years to be implemented, in which case the level of abuse currently being endured and continually evolving will have be highly undetectable, Its already undetectable.. Services already cant cope or detect those most vulnerable and at risk, how is it going to cope with the full extent of these budget cuts? Which may i add vary from borough to borough across London and the UK.

These are the children who will be running about in the world, unsupported by mental health services, let down as i have by helpless GP’s who have their hands tied, not able to afford University, unskilled and jobless in a society which is moving towards not caring for anyone but the rich, Is their actually ANYTHING ANYONE can do to help change and save vital services such as social services? ..I fear not, until this government pull a radical set of reforms out the bag, many of which wont be like and may breech our “human rights” but those radical changes that may in fact save a whole generation from being abused and let down like the generations that preceded them; my generation.


Catch up

Been neglecting my head space here a bit, mainly because I’m fairly content at the moment! Its been a while!!

Sure the credit crunch has been getting me down, but nothing some serial market researching cant combat 😛 oooh a taboo subject I will have to write about very soon! my only haste is that should i give away all the tricks of the trade I may loose out in the long run on such a prudential income!

The recent news in politics about benefit overhaul as you can imagine has caught my attention, more so the topic of housing benefits cuts for people with young families in large inner city accommodations and sole occupants of more than 1 bedroom social properties .. I couldn’t agree  more! I don’t think its fair that people breed willy nilly don’t go to work, give their children a decent quality of life and yet sit back on their couch watching Jeremy Kyle only budging to go on the school run or down to the local boozer! Especially those who are married and could have their husband (wether he’s around or not!) pay his due’s to his family! Is marriage not worth anything these days?! Or the OAP’s (like the ones who live on my block!)  whom sit comfortably in their 2/3 bedroom properties moaning and groaning at the other neighbours with kids, who want to play out, who go to work and have parties on the weekends.. these old people need to realise when its time to move on! If your continually moaning maybe its time to move to a smaller older aged village where the weekly meeting on neighbour hood watch and how to stop the cars from speeding will have some productive outcomes, instead of a younger generation deeming their wants as brainless in an inner city environment! URGH

Also talking with my bessie today about competence.. and the fact that as people in society we are highly competent, and don’t often get that the majority of people aren’t actually as competent as we are, we don’t need to be on a pedestal but seriously i do question if people even use their brains these days! or if we are just a handful of intellectuals having to dumb down in order to fit in? Too be honest I’m sick of it.. watch this space, some radical changes are going to happen soon!

Summer Holiday School?

I thought summer holiday school was something most kids would want to do if their parents could afford? and  then i hit on the touchy subject of sending your kids even though you don’t work, or sending kids that don’t want to go… seems this is a trickier subject than i originally thought when deciding to send my daughter to 8 days of holiday camp over 3 weeks (that’s all her school would allow per child due to demand) i hit upon my mother (surprise surprise) first agreeing to it, and then deciding a day a day later she thinks i shouldn’t be palming my daughter off during ‘holidays’ when we should be spending quality time together. Correct me if I’m wrong but 8 days out of 5 weeks with me isn’t going to kill her right? and in fact given London has a limited amount of things to do with kids, summer club should be a welcomed extra treat for my daughter, where she gets to socialize with a wider demographic of children then she would encounter at school… and break from me so she isn’t bored to death!

I then had to think about different children’s needs, and to be fair if my daughter wasn’t 5 and still doing free play at school and was pen to paper everyday in school churning out grades i probably still would send her just for the extra stimulation to continue through the “lazy break” so she didn’t loose focus (lord knows its very easy to become lazy!) I also thought it was good for kids to start doing activity’s from a young age to build their confidence and grow their interests, not only to keep them stimulated but also to give them the experience of being able to do anything they wanted, and to learn that with time and commitment they can become great at anything they put their minds to! I really do believe if you start them young enough when they get to that teenage phase of either mucking up or throwing themselves into something wholly productive it will be the productive route they choose if they’ve had the opportunity’s and experience of starting new things from a young age!

But it seems there are a lot of people who could disagree with this, and again as usual I’m forced to look at parents projecting their wants needs and excuses onto their children as to why they shouldn’t bother, or even try… the classic “I didn’t like doing it so they wont like it” attitude which really bugs me… and disastrously I’m seeing A LOT of this attitude with parents! 😦 which puts me on a huge downer thinking about the opportunity’s children are/aren’t facing in life…how is it all of a sudden stimulating your child is a bad thing? and why are parents that do this classed as pushy or over stimulating their children? when clearly the children achieving into teen/adult life are the ones with the best opportunity’s and experiences in life! speaks volumes as it is..i wont go on anymore!