A little info..

I’ve basically set this up as my vent, to raise awareness to a BIG issue in my life and to try to get some help with viewpoints, because this isn’t in my head, what i endure as a child and what my daughter & sisters still endure no child should have to live through, were actively involved with social services, and despite trying to reach out to them, the NSPCC and Childline in my childhood, ive come up against nothing but red tape, trying to prove the case of Emotional Abuse is a lot harder than most think, as trying to find the first example and the crucial turning points that have led me to be so controlled by my own mother is frustrating, as who listens to a 22-year-old telling stories of how her mother’s constant demeaning comments led me down bad roads and eventually into an abusive relationship, in and out of shoddy NHS therapy and diagnosis, why my brother still lives at home aged 20 as her lap dog, so un-confident in his own abilities to survive in life without his mother? and the million other reasons of WHY!

I am telling you my story, i need your help! However insignificant you feel it..all of it helps me re-build what my mother took away from me; my self-esteem, confidence, ability to keep a level head, ability to plan my future, HOPE that i can and do deserve a better life, that i can provide this for my own daughter.

I understand it’s a lot to read, and i hope that my life can provide a reality check for some.. we all need it every now and then, and even i don’t always wallow in self-pity! and think shit i could be a crack head or living in a 3rd world country having never seen a mobile phone.. my life isn’t that bad!!


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