Social Services & Court me

The day before court mother dearest decides she wants nothing to do with me, wants to keep my child and not have to answer to anyone.. Is this woman actually mad?!

She wont tell any of this to social services though, infact she keeps playing the hard done by grandmother who is just trying to care for her grand-daughter, whilst her bully of a daughter (me) makes her life hell.

What the hell am i supposed to do?? My hands are tied behind my back now on this.. I have no way of proving otherwise, no way of proving what is going on (other than bugging her house with some sort of recording device..which is highly difficult given finances and the fact im again not allowed into the house!), and all the while my daughter is caught in the middle being used as a pawn  by my mother who cares so little for her needs, her real needs, the need and right to be loved unconditionally by all of her family! My mother is so far up her own arse its unbelievable, and the most selfish thing i have ever experienced!

Whats worse is that court is tomorrow, and the fact that communication has broken down between mother dearest and i, and that this is being allowed to come above the  welfare of my daughter as overseen by social services! The outcome of not being able to mutually agree (that’s how the court see’s it, even though it is mother dearest being difficult!) results in the judge having to make a decision above everyone, and that could result in my daughter being put into care forever. Purely on the grounds that life in a dysfunctional family will be detrimental to my daughters welfare.

My only witness, my brother (whom is still being abused by my mother aged 21) can’t and wont back me up on anything that jeopardizes his security, the security of being able to run back to mummy if life with his fiance falls apart.

Do you understand where i am coming from now? I literally cannot do or prove anything!

This is why and how the social service’s and family law courts are failing children here in UK at an alarming rate.

Now give me some advise and tell me how i can change the system that is failing my daughter?

How do i get my daughter back before she is lost completely?

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  1. goldy sharma
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 07:31:48

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