Comparison 24

  1. I pay bills -I don’t get an education
  2. I fight for my daughter -I don’t visit the gym
  3. I scrimp and save – I can’t rely on bank of mum or dad
  4. I hoover out my frustration -I can’t lye about in my own mess
  5. I cry at night -I can’t hug my mum or dad
  6. I feel guilt over everything – I don’t have a carefree attitude
  7. I soak away in my bath tub -I can’t visit beaches
  8. I drink fizzy water -I don’t binge drink in Oceana
  9. I sing whilst washing dishes to the radio – I don’t get to do karaoke
  10. I have a pay as you go mobile – I can’t afford a contract
  11. I paint my own nails – I wish i could afford manicure’s
  12. I sew curtains & do DIY – I don’t have a mum/dad/nan to do it for me
  13. I’m on benefits – I don’t have the privilege of having a job
  14. I go to counselling – My friends don’t know how to help
  15. I cook culinary corned beef & cabbage -Roast beef isn’t on my menu
  16. I buy my clothes on Ebay -I don’t buy designer clothes
  17. I walk awkwardly into school -I cant walk past and laugh at memories
  18. I have meetings with my solicitor -I don’t ever get compensation
  19. I don’t celebrate my birthday -My wishes have never been answered
  20. I wont drive a car -I fear who i may run over in anger
  21. I can’t have a boyfriend -Let alone a 1 night stand or husband
  22. I get power cuts -I dont get to see strobe lights in ministry of sound
  23. I save my pennies -I cant throw them in a wishing well
  24. I am 24 not 44

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