Thought about it Mr.Minister? Clearly not

Standing harping on till their blue in the face isn’t going to change a thing, we all know society is screwed and we all know its not going to get better anytime soon.

But I’m sure I’m not the only one who can see that years of bad patterns of  behavior has left generations out of work, unmotivated sat on couches chain smoking and not caring enough to stop their kids from binge drinking!

These are the people who need help from mental health services, its about time this service didnt  have such a stigma attached to it because frankly it doesn’t take a doctor’s qualification to see that  the majority of the population needs some form of therapy! be it counselling, CBT, rehab or anti-psychotic pills! -And the faster they get help the better, or they’re never gonna get up off their asses! We’ll just see a generation of signed off sicker that they already are, or hugely anti-social and pioneering blackmarket trading and professional inside knock off jobs to screw these big corporations out of stock to sell back onto the poor people, which will see crime rewarding the criminally minded! Perhaps thats why government is so screwed eh!

And it doesn’t take a qualification to see that if more people did use theraputic services they may work jobs they’re actually happy to work, or do to nurture their real talents, talents that go beyond working the desk job in customer service that see’s them ruding out their issues on every customer that calls -customer that call for a service -their jobs should see them helping instead of offloading onto! Oh and sorry employers don’t get off that lightly either because as company’s (especially the larger more corporate ones) they should have team building days, and be giving their workers targets & further training incentives other than cash to keep stimulated! What the hell are appraisals for otherwise?


If reform is going to work, its going to have to be radical and its gonna take balls to make it happen.. truth be it no one in government is ballsy enough to do it! Its time this country re thought politics and got with the times! We seem to be a guinea-pig Isle of a country as it goes so why don’t we try something new and pioneering? Clearly what the were doing at the moment ISN’T working!

I’m talking more than 1 child tax like china has -get real, we shouldn’t be able to breed faster than some of the animals we eat do! Or expect society to pay for our children’s upkeep! Cant afford kids don’t have them & be willing to prove you can pay for them!

Working laws that work, national unsexist minimum wages! (coz no matter how much they try it certain people are out sexed in jobs) and taxing that is FAIR! which enables the next following points to work

State Services such as 999, NHS health care, street cleaning, rubbish collection, pensions.. SCHOOLING! All need to be vastly overhauled, its never going to be cheap.. but pump funding into mental health services firstly and you’ll see a general improvement in the minds of the workers and unemployed!

NLP Life coaches & counsellors in job centers and schools need to happen on a larger scale, because literally most parents aren’t mentally there to be able to guide their children these days sadly!

Therapeutic services need an overhaul because these outdated 15th century barbaric tactics aren’t working, shock treatment and over sedating on drugs namely! CBT is great but people need to be told harsh truths like “your fat and if you don’t loose weight wont be getting any income support, & will be dying sooner than you think” and radical life changing services such as NLP & alternative”s like acupuncture, Chinese medicine should be available under NHS! They work and are naturally healthier than pumping your body full of lab grown artificial medicines!

This list can go on and on when i look at each subject in more detail.. Its radical but it is possible, people just need a kick up the arse.



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