Seven Days CH4

Have to get this off my chest… anyone who doesn’t get that the new reality tv program Seven Days on Channel 4 is all about INTERACTING with the show via the ChatNav site, Facebook and Twitter! has to be highly stupid and so out of touch with technology its beyond me! I’m sure you’re the percentage of the population with an android phone, not smartphone are we eh!

And why the hell are you moaning about how shit the show is, the whole point is to interact with them to make it better! to get them talking about what you want them to be talking about! If its boring it’s because you clearly don’t know how to utilize technology and the opportunity’s it’s bringing!

So good for them for being the select few who actually were braisen enough to let the camera’s into their lives, do channel 4 need to make a documentary about how half of the traders/residents of Notting Hill they approached said no? NO now that would be BORING! I can actually find a million reasons why the people cussing off the show are the ones with the very small minds that feed (And fund) into the bigger media industry, and will continue to tune in week after week just to slag off the Seven Days characters… even if it is just to make themselves feel a bit better about their own boring existence!

Well done Endemol & Channel 4 for producing another reality corker, and giving the Android public something to moan about!

I LOVE IT! ….and very soon SO WILL YOU!


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