I’m Baaack!

Since I last posted a lot has gone on, probably far too much for me to write about without boring you all!

But I can confirm why i went AWOL… life got to me and i had to retreat cry and reflect on what was going on in my life… ie not much! And since my moods have ebbed and flowed, i put this down to mostly the weather and lack of sunshine giving me my yearly case or S.A.D ….

I have had friends over staying for a bit whilst their flat gets renovated, which has had its moments (the washing up, hoovering and continual take away consumption not being recycled mostly! lol) but it is lovely having normal company and makes me feel useful, as moving and redecorating is highly stressful! Bit of female bonding with the new girl in the crew is great too especially as we get along great!

As usual progress with my family is as ever slow, have built a few bridges with my brother and his fiancé and sadly he is now slowly being exiled from my mothers hub… she will have hard lessons to learn when he moves out in the next couple weeks, and I’m already taking bets on when she will become pregnant by! Am really happy for my brother tho, his new-found independence and ability to stand up to our mother makes me a really proud big sister! My middle sister is getting all geared up for secondary school next September, and my fingers toes and eyes are all crossed hoping she gets into this boarding school she so desperately needs! God knows i spent ages filling in her applications due to my mothers usual incompetence! >_<

I’ve got a court date finally for my application for residency! Mother isn’t opposing and the elusive baby father of mine is now out of Jail and back skulking the streets of West London and screw facing me when eye contact is made O_o he’s no biggy tho.. I’m just looking forward to getting my baby back finally!!

As you can expect in all this I’ve had a few thought-provoking life changing occurrences through the past few months changes in life which uncannily I can’t pin point to explain to you right now.. annoyed -I wanted to share!


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