10 Goals to end 2010

So I’ve decided to take a more proactive approach to challenges in my life, and am now going to find 10 things to change and work towards…would set myself a time limit only knowing how sporadic my progress can be I don’t want to fail before I’ve started! so here goes..

  1. Win residency of my daughter back!
  2. Finish putting my ceiling cove architrave stuff up (ha DIY goddess or what!)
  3. Finish my flooring in my bedroom hall and then bead the whole flat! (4 years on i still haven’t finished but atleast i have the right tools for the job now! and uh says alot for my man friends who should be doing this for me!)
  4. start Christmas shopping (yes already)
  5. Flog the rest of my clothes on Ebay that are sitting blocking up my desk!
  6. Find a way to get these stretched out itching Hessian sacks a Breast lift
  7. Acquire some more generally usefully sized handbags
  8. Fix my BMX back wheel (needs tightening or a new bearing i think)
  9. Have some sleep overs with the bessie and her daughter!! (need more female bonding in my life!!)
  10. Start getting my writing channelled into ANYTHING more productive than this blog!

That seems a fair list for now…..stay tuned for a progress report!


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