Lib-Cons effecting my case already!

All has been quiet on the old court front, since all the voting palaver and this new hung parliament jiggle the knock on effects can be felt already, I’m still waiting on my public funding certificate.. to get my court date and the wait is really pissing me off, and funnily enough mother dearest too who is now finding other area’s to be hysterical..her marriage!

All I’m reading across the blogs and websites is how court date’s are being hard to obtain, especially ones needing longer than 3 days.. I’m dreading a 30 Min domiciliary hearing, and i really hope we can get in order the assessments and conclude 8 weeks later… chance would be a fine thing! At this rate im not even going to get a court date for this year! WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!

Mediation with mother dearest is going well.. perhaps because its showing her the mirror on her real issues in her marriage and why it really fell apart! I’m getting indirect apologies left right and centre from her.. she even paid me to babysit all my sisters for a few whilst she went off to mediate with her husband re; divorce! I’m not thoroughly fooled by this turn around of hers, more-so thinking mother is in victim mode because her marriage is on the rocks because she’s having a reality check, and those she would usually have beckoning to her every whim, aren’t liking the emotional reflective character that is panicking and rushing to change asap! foolish woman doesn’t realise changes have to happen slowly..time for more words of wisdom tomorrow backed up by the mediator! I hold her actions with a pinch of salt, and her words even less.. what is that pepper?

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