Mental health issues prevalent in London

This post was spurred on by this article;

I love the articles churned out by the Children and Young People Now team, they are for me a daily source in keeping updated with all the press clippings and quoting’s  from these ridiculously out of touch people running our vital services that affect our children of the future… but this article actually made me laugh out loud!

Doesn’t take a genius to work out that living in city causes mental health issues! City’s were let me remind you built for industrial purpose’s, for the business man era, not for raising family’s! Of course everyone wants a better life, and city’s do give you the most oppertunity’s…but jeeze come on its not going to give you as much pleasure as living on the coast or in a more suburban town…and that’s coming from a Londoner with mental health issues, experienced 1st and 2nd hand domestic violence who wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else! (aside from a nice beach hut on an island like Hawaii) And I’m sure if you ask  anyone else living in the capital they will tell you exactly the same.. and what really hit home is that of all the statistics being churned out over this election, today’s had to be the most obvious!


Before you all start ranting at me; I know government has to have a statistic to speak about a subject as such, but come on.. all they ever do is churn out statistics! and talk about how bad it all is, and then pump funding into further research on the subject, instead of pumping those funds into community’s or services already or soon to be established with proven track experience in change.

But Oh wow…their figures are underestimated, umm isn’t it the office of national statistics job to make sure they have  figure’s on everything?

And agencies are failing to assess… Who the hell is running these agencies? agencies such as social services? …morons?

Or maybe the morons in the agencies and the people who do churn out figures are working against an outdated system? Really is it that hard to work out?

Well done to Andrew Christie,who  invested in training professionals to identify such issues; If only someone could train our soon to be new prime minister how to overhaul an outdated parliament so that this generation of people with mental health and substance abuse issues get sterilised  and don’t have (more) kids who grow up with no hope. (yes i do endorse the American company paying substance abusers £200 to be blog post coming soon)

The London Safeguarding Children Board is finally bearing some fruit… well its about bloody time!

Shadow children’s minister Tim Loughton  wants to see all the evidence and draw some proper empirical conclusions about what’s happening. -GREAT yes lets fund more research, instead of just asking the people who use these services or maybe the people who already have shed loads of these figures such as the NSPCC?

gosh..i could go on..i hope you get my drift!


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