Letters To And Fro

I got a letter from my maternal grandfather…sent to me via the social worker?! Perplexed as to why he didn’t just get my address of mother dearest.. anyhow so its take me 2 weeks to read! not because its long..6 pages isn’t that long is it? LOL mainly because the first line after addressing me was; Their once was a king named Solomon… do i need to go further? I wont, but after finally reading it i saw yet another persona of mother dearest’s except this is the persona of my grandfather she borrows from time to time, wonder if i borrow my parents personality’s? GOSH I HOPE NOT!! I probably don’t need to explain how i feel about this revelation… they don’t shock me anymore, it just deepens the understand of the work I’ve got cut out to make things work in this family!

After being rialled by my grandfathers ramblings i sat back (yes in the sun of a local park, with some tunes playing in my ear to help the mood) and looked around me, i wondered if anyone in this park right now had problems with their family like i do, from the housewife’s picnicking with their children, the dads playing football with their sons, OAP’s reading a book or lapping the park 10 times before admiring a tree.. i figured out that they all probably do in their own extent, and so with this thought in my head i wrote my response to my grandfather, ignoring his hysteria slandering and abstract relations of practically every holy book to my life and doings as the child he once knew, as a woman; a mother and with an open mind and heart. I posted it today and will stick it up here when i can be arsed to type some more!

I do wonder what he will write back? …if he’ll be able to not lecture the sarcastic adult who wrote him back with a taste of his own medicine.. i didn’t give him any examples except his own sound advise… i do make myself laugh!

He told me i was in love with my own intelligence without knowing it? perhaps i am.. or maybe i have a brain and just use it unlike the OAP’s he’s surrounded by in his hillside villa!

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