Boderline Unhealthy

I can hear my neighbours talking outside, points of conversation are as follows

  • Renting flats out;they don’t even fathom that actually some people have bought their council flats and are allowed to rent them out privately… in OAP world everything is illegal, including not giving the renters use of the allocated shed.. quick lets call a rally and complain to the council!
  • The African Grey parrot on the balcony in a cage that’s not big enough, shall we all get together and talk to its owner? or try to have a run round to get it a new cage? no lets just call RSPCA… wow so helpful!
  • Flower beds that i destroy when washing my balcony with hot water and disclosing tablets to rid the bugs that harbor and crawl in my flat and bite me… oh no one talk to her she always has something to say! DAM RIGHT I DO!!
  • Flower beds of the local pubs and the nice yellow and blue flowers they might want to copy… no originality here what so ever clearly!
  • Broken ankles and how long they take to heal now their old… gosh this is so enthralling isn’t it!

I guess what my point is that; where do we draw the line in a compensation culture state?

How much responsibility is needed and to what level before we stop trying to help?

Most importantly why do we not even bother helping and expect an authority to tell us how or what to do?

What happened to basic human rights? do we even want them anymore?

Why are we a bunch of hypocrites who call the RSPCA  yet spend our child benefit monies on our car bills, drug habits, new designer clothes instead of on our child/ren? get my drift?

Let me go and ask my local MP’s and see what they say…make them earn my vote eh!

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