Im an adult I’ve forgotten how to relate to kids?!

Pathetic last post on my failed update may i add before i start; realised this was because i was doing/going through some inner mental learning and understanding phase as i do quite often! it really did affect my writing badly ugh I’m going to need to learn how to fix that!

Alright so after reading this article

I realised what is going wrong in this world; adults have forgotten what it is like to be a kid; to naturally strive to make everyday a new experience, to feel different things and to try new things.

Kids are left un-channelled and results ending in antisocial behaviour as the outcome, it doesn’t take a genius to work out, we know kids want more parks, more youth centres more things to do, more activities to satisfy their constant need for experiences.. especially the ones in poverty whose parents are unable to provide them with such costly activities the wealthy can afford to do/provide their children.

This really is a big issue for me as i feel so strongly after having grown up as a child in poverty, never having had a horse riding lesson (ok so im allergic to horses but still the ideas there!) been on an all-inclusive holiday with a kids club, or skiing. let along Butlins or Pontins! (my holidays were to the grandpa’s which were more army camp than holiday!) i didn’t get an inheritance at 16..or 18 let alone 21! I hope you get the point of such activities most children not in poverty get to experience!

I do believe people shouldnt have loads of children (like more than 2) especially if they can’t financially provide these basics for them! I know this sounds hypocritical coming from a teenage mum who still doesn’t hold down a full-time job (before you jump at me on this read my article on my finances!) but believe me i am fully ready to go to work when my daughter returns to my care so i can put her in stagecoach, numerous dance classes and give her the birthday parties every child dreams of and regular holidays to the beach, camping, skiing and trips to Butlins/Pontins/Centerparks! Because your children will grow up resenting the fact you weren’t able to give them those experiences because you couldn’t afford to as their were too many mouths to feed, regardless of how happy they are to have had so many siblings, can’t afford to pay don’t let the sperm astray! (I’m going to start a whole campaign with this slogan soon! LOL)

I fully believe every child should experience a wealth of things from a young age and it is clear that this does prevent them from being involved in anti-social behaviour!

So please people in the run up to the elections really think about who is going to provide our children with the opportunity’s every community needs, like parks, youth centres and access to state funded activities like free swimming and discounted dance classes/ extra tuition clubs for the lower-income generation!

And just be a little more open and friendly to the kids who are behaving a little extrovert/attention seeking and maybe offer some productive support/help/insight/training to those you can be bothered to help!?

I wouldn’t be here if strangers/neighbours hadn’t have helped me on numerous occasions with directions, homework, work/career advise opportunity’s or just a place to chill out outside of my family home… and i intend to help every kid i come across that i can offer something to!

And i want to also encourage the kids out there to give the adults around them a reality check!

Instead of using the “but you don’t know what its like growing up” line

Try something a little more specific like; ” I don’t have a social club i can attend, how about you build us one so we can contain our noise in a productive enviroment instead of your flat stairwell!”

And wow god help the OAP’s which are in ever-increasing numbers these days.. maybe we need to start giving them lectures on understanding why the kids like to listen to loud music in their headphones, or why they get excitedly loud on the bus during school times? and perhaps if kids saw their grandparents more often from a young age we wouldn’t have a generation of OAP’s socially excluded from most families and left in care homes to rot!

I’ll leave you to chew on those thoughts! as ever do let me know what you think!!!!!!


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