Pathetic try at an update on my case

Had the meeting with the social worker and her manager yesterday.. oof they really think their so clever, trying to pick my mouth apart for clues on my weaknesses.. so they coughed up and managed to squeal out that because mother dearest had revoked her statement on relinquishing care, they have no need to take us to court now! I made it very clear i thought it was extremely convenient that they should talk to mother dearest  and all of a sudden she revokes, they went on to explain that their legal advise had been that they could override my parental responsibility by going to my mother who has residence and asking her to agree to foster care, so leaving me with no input in my own daughters residence! and by then id heard it all, i told them so you bullied and lied to my vulnerable mother…nice work! all to save yourself the costs of going to court! i take my hat off to you. Where the manager responded with ” we generally take families to court to put children in care, not to keep families together!” QUOTE OF THE CENTURY! After that i didn’t need them to say much else, i vetted them some more and of course had the conversation recorded, so you can guarantee that quote will be out on british media by the time case if closed..whenever that may be!

Had mediation today, and have managed to get out of mother dearest an extra 2 days in the Easter holidays with my daughter.. what a joke, but im glad i got something out of our first mediation session!! Hearing her ramble on and try to find a justification as to why she feels she can’t simply just give me my daughter back or work towards that by the end of this year was soo feeble, and wholly reflected her inability to take responsibility for her actions, blaming social services and the psychotherapy recommendation made by unbiased medical evidence (my gp notes were disclosed mother dearest’ weren’t) clearly refusing to think very deep about anything, especially how uninformed she is with her shoddy solicitor! but i guess anything is as good as you give so i suppose if you look at it from that point of view the solicitor and social services are great reflections of her as a person.. constantly changing minds, thoughtless, reactionary and lacking that push that drive most to become succesful!?

This is where i should probably save and come back to further tomorrow but then that wouldn’t be reflecting my mind at this current time.. its tired right now.. im deflecting onto the carbs! *pick up on the sarcastic tones here*

Night X


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  1. Scooby
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 11:29:19

    “we generally take families to court to put children in care, not to keep families together!”

    Erm yes…that’s a statement of fact. They were wanting to take you to Court for that reason. They don’t believe you are fit to look after your children and would rather that there were elsewhere.

    Do you really think the media would be interested in that? SS sound like they are doing their jobs
    You write like someone with a personality disorder. I feel very sorry for your mother and children.


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