Social Services Pressure Tactics On Vulnerable Family

I’m absolutely fuming right now, just got back from dropping my daughter off to mother dearest’s.. i had a 3 minute conversation with mother dearest where she told me she had decided to withdraw her statement to social services of giving them 2 weeks notice to get the case to court as she wasn’t going to look after her grand-daughter (my daughter) anymore.. and since telling social services they have TO mother dearest that they wont be pursuing the courts or assessing whether I’m a suitable carer or not! Mother dearest said she had come to this conclusion after seeing how upset my daughter and my sister (of the same age)  had been at the start of my other sisters holiday leave.. and said they would all end up on prozac if she gave my daughter either to me or into foster care!

I can’t explain how fuming i am… it’s not hard to work out what social services did, clear pressure tactic’s to make mother dearest think my daughter would end up in foster care! I feel so sick, a service that’s meant to be there to help has told my mother only one side to the coin, my daughter will go into care end of, I’m not even being considered as a carer let alone discussed as a possibility! What’s even worse is that my mothers solicitor hasn’t even informed her of the other avenues we would all have to go down before court could agree to my daughter going into care, like 3 months in a mother and baby unit, or daily visits from social services in my accommodation whilst the ongoing assessments are done… enough is really enough!

I can’t even vent on how non of them have any faith in me bar my aunt solicitor GP and friends, they still think I’m that crazed teenager wrought with emotional and a lack of process and understanding… wow they couldn’t be more wrong!

I just txt mother dearest saying;

“What social services have done is make you think there is no other option before my daughter could ever go into care! All to save themselves the cost of taking us to court and footing the bill! so yet again they are forcing us into court when in fact they should be! what’s even worse is that your solicitor hasn’t even told you of the drill we would have to do before my daughter could go into care i.e.. mother and baby unit etc.! this is a joke.. I’ve got a journalist on call ready to put this whole story through every national paper and GMTV chat show possible, the only thing that stops me is your privacy, i can handle the invasion but you can’t, but sooner or later it will end up in press and I’m going to have a field day ripping this case and social services apart!I think you really underestimate my intelligence and  capability’s as a mum, i don’t get why you need a judge to tell you I’m fit enough? social services are just advisor’s right? (as they keep preaching and proclaiming) so why not just take an interest in me and see for yourself how capable i am! you know it, i don’t know why you need to hear it from a judge ? what fool has to hear from a judge how capable ones child is? you have choices, but if you insist on doing it through court because you wont stand up then so be it on your peril. I’ve never been more ready or prepared i just hope you are too..? X”

I can’t even go into the psychological flip side this shows from mother dearest’s part, it fully clarifys/confirms exactly what i say about her and her lack of capable parenting, it screams using ones child to get to the parent, hysterical erratic irrational behaviour, not of sound mind! Need i say anymore?!

Ok so getting that off my chest to her has helped a little… now i really need these journalists to all get on-board with me on this… MEDIA PRESSURE IS SOOO NEEDED TO EXPOSE THIS SHODDY SOCIAL SERVICE!!

Please pass this on, re-tweet, send to all your email contacts.. someone somewhere has a big contact for me who will guaranteed make a shed load out of my case and help revolutionize social service’s procedures by exposing this! HELP!


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  1. Lee smith
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 14:41:44

    I have added this blog and your Twitter to my favourites. We need to get the law changed and I am with you on this. Are you a member of New Fathers For Justice? You can see my Facebook site from my website above.


    • helpmestopher
      Apr 25, 2010 @ 19:37:01

      Thank-you for your feedback!! I have also added you and to my blogroll,
      I’m a Mother Apart (not a father) but am ready to give my support with you fathers; its all for the fairer cause at the end of the day!
      Lets get some laws changed! x


  2. Sarah
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 23:08:47

    My God it’s hard to read your posts, it’s just one long stream of messed up (un)consciousness.
    You state like every other whining fucktard out there “a service that’s meant to be there to help”. Understand this:- Social Services is there to help your CHILD not you, not your mother, your CHILD. The world does not revolve around you. They don’t care about you, that’s not their job. They only care about protecting children. Sounds like they are doing a good job in this case as you seem so far up your own backside you can’t see the wood from the trees.

    Of course you’ll never get that. It’s all someone elses fault isnt it? I pity your daughter.

    This is YOUR fault. Nobody elses! Get a grip of yourself you silly creature


  3. catherine
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 22:10:40

    Hey hun. I am currently trying to plan media camapaigne as they did what they are doing to you, to me.

    Please get in contact and I’ll discuss with you my circumstances however I won. But there was a reason why.

    cat x


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