Broken Britain

I attended the Broken Britain debate at the Guardian’s Kings Place venue, where Polly Toynbee, David Willetts and Camila Batmanghelidjh were hosted into debate by Jonathan Freedland. Please see the link below where you will find the podcast and comments that followed.

I found the only interesting part of the debate the sheer ignorance of some of the audience and panel’s views and opinions, it made me think shit we all care.. but so many people don’t think and don’t act.. non more so than this ruling government and our out of touch MP’s! I loved Camila’s take on the issues and couldn’t agree with her more! Thank god there are people like her and Emma Harrison helping people like me! Why the hell aren’t they having a bigger input into government system overhaul? We have so many statistics, reports, advisor’s, and people qualified with studious and life experience who actually know what their talking about, that have no input into society or reform of government provided services! The government spends how much money recruiting private contractors to do its research or training of its staff, why the hell aren’t they pumping equal amounts of funds into even vocational training of staff and students within its services!?

I don’t know how government is run fully but from what little knowledge i do have and keep unearthing its shocking to see and hear so many people wanting to bring about change and very little doing so! The one reason I’ve experienced things failing once entering into that system of the Job Center/ Social Services is that your case becomes a number and not a life! the computer doesn’t care if your living off £2.44 per day and you have a bill of £14.00 that needs paying on that day! and the staff who work that computer don’t know you, and have to follow guidelines/protocol set out by government so can’t help even if they wanted to! they can’t change those guidelines even as forefront staff who can see and know that it’s not working! They don’t get paid to be proactive about a system they work in, and who wants to take their work home? and spend their precious time writing letters or petitioning for change? ………no not them!!

We read everyday in the papers of a new case where social workers are being blasted and sacked or forced into redundancy because of their failings instead of being properly re-trained and supported! It takes a lot to do what they do especially in a system of outdated guidelines! I’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth myself how frustrated they are with what their forced to work with! and the Uk wonders why half of the social service staff leave.. i went trawling the office of national statics for an actual figure of staff turnover which im yet to find! i did however find this amongst a lot of numbers:  “Figure 5.1 illustrates the composition of social work staff for 1999 and 2008. 52 per cent of WTE social work staff worked with children in 2008, up 5 percentage points from 47 per cent in 1999. The percentages employed in health settings/specialist teams and working with adults both decreased by 1 percentage point to 25 per cent and 19 per cent respectively in 2008. WTE social work staff working in generic settings have shown a drop of 3 percentage points between 1999 and 2008.”

take a look at the site yourself where i found this:

then unsurprisingly i found this on a uni graduate website “The sector has previously suffered from a negative image, with high vacancy and staff turnover rates in some areas and high profile child abuse cases bringing it under public scrutiny. Coupled with this was a lack of recognition for what social workers do. The Care Standards Act 2000 changed this with the introduction of a social work degree and social workers’ register. This act and other relevant legislation, such as the Children Act 2004 and the Mental Health Act 2007, can be found on the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) website.”

You can find that here:!eXfeac

So more action government please! i want to see promises kept in this up and coming election, not just have the lives like mine ripped through the press used and abused for ministers to get more seats in the house! What we value is a persons word and that is evident in society, why should we tolerate lies from a MP? make them sign a pledge or deal to be fined if they don’t keep their word! and use that money to fund services they pledged to help!

lets use our noodles public, we have brains for a reason! do you want to live in a world where everything is genetically created, concrete and you have to pay for air to breathe!? coz that’s what were heading for if we don’t get it together!


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