New Age Traditions..WAKE UP!

Taking a trip down memory lane with the family threw up some interesting debates, and did make me gain some perspective on values in community’s that are being lost in our fast city life!
Fast city life vs. countryside/village life; where I have hardly any time for family and their historic problems, where I’m too busy with my own life and friends to address matters that are historic! And still effect me…every time i swing by for Sunday roast with the gran, or the “chaperone” to the family’s, in a lineage where every member has died from cancer… traditional village life where they all knew each others business and had the politics to go with it! Is it any different to what I’m experiencing in my own life now? Possibly the only thing that is lacking is the community care spirit! Could this be what the NHS tried to replicate… with their “care in the community approach” in inner city living? Where really there is no community spirit let alone care?! is what the “sick” generation of today really needs is just that stripped necessity of community living that were all now striving to get back to?! Had enough of the rat race? Want back to the sticks? Where you don’t have to hit up a Sainsbury’s taste the difference range to get a decent tomato!? From once where we all knew the green grocer who could tell us what was new this season and how to cook it! does Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsey and Marco Pierre white really have to show us in TV programs and 1000 page recipe books how to cook a once taken for granted daily meal of pie and mash?!
generational traditions have been lost through the most unfortunate of circumstances, tragic road accidents, death in childbirth, lack of basic awareness?! Inbreeding?! Inability to process and find a solution to your dads drinking habit that his father passed on to him… how to stop your mothers OCD that may actually let you learn as her only child how to cook for your own?! What we inner city folk now strive for is being ripped from the countryside as we speak by our own corporate mindsets! Will we be able to reclaim our history and set in stone for our children a better future? Where they don’t have to experience racism, sexual discrimination, or any form of abuse! Where they can focus on enriching the soul and replenishing the lands that will enable this planet to survive!
Age differences in this mind-set are a big key to unlocking the answers! What would we do in a world without old stories of factory workings? Those traditional perspectives we so desperately need to keep alive our dreams for our children? No one can tell me they want to live in a world where their child is raised off chemically produced food, will never see an animal, smell freshly cut grass or the rain falling, and have no left/right side brain stimuli as every manual job is now being done by a machine! All we are left to do is indulge and destroy ourselves inevitably!? THIS IS NOT WHAT OUR FAMILY’S ENDURED YEARS OF ABUSE FOR!
Oap conversations about the old days, their family’s, village life, patterns of behaviour in old people who mimic those of a child… the onset of death?
How can a race so intelligent forget that brains need constant feeds of new information to remain healthy! just because you left school with a qualification or are in such a high pressured job or are over the age limit of receiving scrutinised education, it does not mean you should starve your brain of what it vitally needs to stay healthy, in order to process life for reasoning and understanding! We don’t need computers to study weather systems; because we all at some point in our genetics came from an aboriginal who knew where when and how to find rain that knowledge is inside us!
We have brains that are left rotting stagnant pondering our next intoxication, to further blind us from a reality that only we can fix! do you want to hand your child a life with a death certificate attached in an envelope that reads “open if you fail?” and reads; go buy yourself a gun and shoot yourself in the head but make sure you sign here first to ensure your children get this knowledge!?
You only have to travel to see how were destroying our family’s and how that in turn is destroying the essence of our world! And it is so easily reversed; it’s just such a travesty that not enough people in society care!

You selfish fucks I refuse to be like you!


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