Recent Updates In My Case

So since my last update about: The Meeting with SS Re: Email Re: Emotional Abuse

ive had a small amount of progress, had a meeting with the social workers manager, and being able to identify a few things has helped a lot in the case, those being social services don’t have any specific guidelines in place when dealing with emotional abuse, like they would with sexual/physical abuse!

The manager offered to fund a mediation session for mother dearest and I to talk through my daughters needs and come to a suitable arrangement without having to go back to court, which would also be a stepping stone before family therapy; which mother dearest refused, on the grounds that she wants nothing to do with me… and i must commend the social worker for telling mother dearest it’s not going to look good for her in court when she does such things!

However if mother dearest can refuse a mediation session for the needs of my daughter and her grand-daughter how is anyone supposed to believe her when she then agreed to the family therapy?!

I then had a further meeting with the social worker where we discussed the meeting she had with mother dearest to discuss my aunt & I’s allegations… non of which were surprising, she denied everything and even came up with an excuse for calling her husband “cock” saying the kids called him “papa cockadoodledoo” I had to laugh as how would a child aged 2-3 give their father a nickname like that at such a young age without some kind of influence!? WOW social services are dumb! Mother dearest basically said my aunt was a liar and needed a hearing test.. and that i was apparently turning up drunk for contact and had verbally attacked my brother in-front of my daughter. Mother Dearest is really clutching at straws now and even brought 1 of my friends into it! saying he was my BF and she was concerned! LOL this made me laugh even more because this friend in-particular she had encouraged me to date and i had in fact put her straight that my daughters needs came first and i couldn’t even think about a relationship! UNLIKE HER!! The social worker was highly surprised when i then told her this friend was also studying to be a school teacher! i do love how their stereotype of me is slowly being broken the more i talk with them! Their image of the teenage mother with mental heath problems shunning help from her family has now turned into the not so teenage anymore mother who is highly articulated with a diverse social circle proving that stupid psychologist and that bogus report wrong when she said i would be unable to form healthy life long sustainable friendships! what a twat!

So were still trying to arrange a core group meeting at my daughters school, still chasing up family therapy and i still tried to speak with mother dearest after my most recent Saturday contact, dam i wish id recorded it because it just reinstated clearly that the woman is so unable to see beyond the end of her nose and she doesn’t care who she hurts or what she destroys in the process even if that is her own family! The social worker had told me on our meeting last Friday that should mother dearest and I fail to come to some arrangement in the best interests of my daughter they will be taking us both to court for parental responsibility! Which i don’t think even quaked mother dearest when i told her, as she really is a selfish spineless lost person! Someone call 999 and get a place booked into the priory for her ASAP!

But my solicitor got back today- FINALLY!!!!!!!

And after speaking to my daughter and asking her whether she would rather go on holiday with nanny, or stay with me over the holidays? she wanted both of us and favoured the holiday with nanny, i wasn’t going to bribe my daughters love because eventually love always wins and i wont need to buy her affection like mother dearest!

I’m using the next 2 weeks productively to build my case for court, and to try to get mother dearest the help she so desperately needs, if i can do it for her it will be a stepping stone for the millions of other’s in similar situations in the U.K.


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