A Poem For Mother Dearest

Mother ran me down

but mother made me smile

mother shouted at me

then hugged me for a while

mother would then cry

and say id made her do it

everything would be fine

until i said mother was abusive

mother would then hit me

i would run away

and end back at her door

with no where else to stay

wishing in the back of my mind this would all just go away!

some days would be fine

others id wonder if id live through

if i was getting dinner tonight?

if id see mothers face go blue?

if dad would come home and hit her?

if he’d steal my money too?

if mum would put it back?

id have to forgive her now its due..

mother didn’t know why she shouted

and that at night id cry..

under my duvet before bedtime

or in the bath so she couldn’t see tears fallen from my eyes

i knew mother loved me

she just had a funny way to show it

but my mother is an abuser; i just didn’t know it!


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